Sweet Dreams is proud to honor and memorialize some of the wonderful pets that have recently passed away.

Please contact us if you would like to post photos and a brief message in memory of your pet.

*Photos can be sent to: info@SweetDreamsMyPet.com
*Submit photos in JPG format, no more than 12, low-res format if possible (640 x 480).
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In Memory for Elsa

Elsa was hell on wheels all her life. 17 years of pure joy and love and at times my peace and saving grace. I love you baby girl. You are so missed.

In Memory of Sanford

Sanford has been with us for 12.5 great years. She has been with us through our first apartment, 3 houses, 3 children, and 2 states. She was very loved! She has been many places with us, and she sure put up with me dressing her up all the time! We will miss her more than you can imagine. She was a Damn Good Dawg! Rest In Peace sweet Sanford. Chase golf balls in heaven!

Love, Ansley, Zack, Madeline, Cooper, and Sydney Beadle

In Memory of Buddy

In Loving Memory of Buddy
We miss you so much, Buddy. Our hearts are filled with such deep sorrow that it is almost too much to bear. We keep going on day to day by reliving your funny and quirky moments. Your love for chasing squirrels and salamanders and despise of UPS delivery men and helicopters will always be just a small part of our joyful memories of you. You loved your Mommy so much that everyone joked about the "two foot rule"...you would never let me be more than 2 feet away from you. You would go to the ends of the earth to protect me and I will never, ever forget that.
With deepest love, our baby boy,

Dawn, Dan and Amanda Tomkiewicz

In Memory of Callie

My feisty and charming Calico Kitty was lulled to sleep by Sweet Dreams on December 3 2016. Callie was sixteen in November. She had battled kidney disease for over a year, but I was so hoping to keep her a while longer. Bandit and I have a huge hole in our heart. I did not know there were so many tears in me.

Brenda Silver

In Memory of Kit

Remembering the sweetest, most lovable cat, Kit. I sat on the couch, she sat on the couch next to me, I came home, she met me every time at the front door (like a dog!), I went to bed, she slept on the pillow next to me, I took a shower, she sat and waited until I was finished. So sweet, such a companion who gave us 16 years of great memories.

Kit, you are sorely missed.

Anne Olson
Dunwoody, Ga

In Memory of Duchess

(12/7/2004-9/7/2016) - My big, beautiful girl. We miss you so much. I feel such sorrow at your absence but such joy at your memory. I know you are in my heart because I can feel you. Until we meet again, sweet Duchess.

In Memory of Noah Bell

RIP Noah Bell (2001-2016)~~Tonight we had to say goodbye to our beloved fur baby. A part of my soul has been taken away and my heart is broken into a million pieces. Noah was my "First" baby, my best friend, our loyal companion, a comedian, gentle giant and everyone's buddy. He was there for me at my lowest parts of my life and there at the highest. His thick, chocolate fur has caught many tears from both those times of my life as Noah would try to lick them off my face before dropping on his fur. There will always be an emptiness in my heart. I love you so much and thank you for all you gave me.

I can't wait until the day I see you again and you run straight towards me and I get to hold you in my arms and get tons of slobbery kisses. We were together until the very end. His big, Grey head and face laid on my lap, once again tears landing on his soft, chocolate fur, but this time I cried for Noah...to finally not be in anymore pain. This was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Thank you Noah for the bright light you brought into my life. You will live in our minds and hearts forever. I already miss you and I hurt, so much, for losing you. I promise there are lots of cookies and footballs in Doggy heaven. I'm glad we got to spend the day together going for a car ride and Noah sticking his head out the window as his face and ears hit the wind. He had a small walk and a NY Strip steak. We love you Forever and ever Noah! We will see you again.

In Memory of Kelly

It was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye yesterday to our beloved Kelly. She has been in our family for 13 years and will be missed more than words can express. We love you Kelly

Rachel Raven

In Memory of Kiera

Our baby girl, Kiera was an absolute joy from the day we met her and brought her home. You had just a one of a kind personality and playfulness about you that was definitely known to everyone that you came in contact with. You were always such a happy girl, ready to play, ball or toy in mouth and wiggling uncontrollable at any given moment! You provided many years of so much love to us, our family and friends and you are truly missed like you would not imagine.

You were a great "sister" to your older little brothers, Kino and Kozmo :-) You were always by my side until the very end, enjoying life and always aiming to please and just be loved on. I'll always miss your cuddles and your never ending love. I'll always miss our walks and all of your play times, swimming, hiking and camping with us. You will never be forgotten baby girl! I know you're in a better place, pain free now, running and playing as usual! Until we meet again, we'll cherish all of the memories, laughter and love you've given us. Rest easy sweet girl, we love you!

Denise Ulrich

In Memory of Jay & Valentine

Jay and Valentine,
I miss you so much! You both brought me such tremendous comfort, warmth and love to my life - so many smiles, so much laughter and years of fun times - walking, swimming, playing and snuggling. You helped me raise my human babies and you were so good and gentle with them like an older brother and sister. You helped me through many tough years and always welcomed me home with happy barks and warms licks. I will miss you every day! Your paw prints are forever on my heart.

Sue Kenney

In Memory of Cleo

I heard your call from the Animal Shelter. Why else would I just wake up one day thinking I needed to go to the local animal shelter? We found you huddled at the back of your cage, waiting for us. I knew, in an instant, that yours was the call I heard. I attached to you so quickly that leaving you to be spayed was agony. I have loved having you in my life ever since that day.

I loved learning about dog behavior with you. I am grateful for the time we spent with Happy Tails. You were a wonderful therapy dog. Your unconditional love and gentleness were remarkable. You touched the heart of everyone who met you. Everyone would say "That's the sweetest dog." I'm grateful to have been able to share the gift you were to the world with others.

I loved your "drive by" licks.
I loved our walks and runs together.
I loved seeing you greet me when I came home.
I loved seeing you excited about going to daycare and then excited to come home.
I loved seeing you run through the woods and the creek at the cabin.
I loved having you in the car with me.
I loved you being Sandy in the schoolÕs production of "Annie."
I loved when you got an ovation when you came across the stage when the actrice called you.
I loved seeing you sleep upside-down on your bed nestled next to the chair.

Although I could not share the joy you found in rolling in deer poop, I have loved having you in our lives.

I know that everything is perfect and that nothing is permanent. I know you bless the space you're in now the way you blessed us. I miss the gift of your physical presence, but I know that with every flow of life there comes the ebb. I am called upon now to release you back to the One, knowing that nothing is ever really lost in the universe.

Thank you for the love and joy you brought into our lives. You expressed God on 4 legs wrapped in fur so soft that I never stopped burying my face in it. I saw God in your deep eyes and in your unconditional tail wag when I entered the room. I felt God in your peaceful, calming presence. Now I lovingly release you to shine in the perfection of God's embrace.

Katy McManus

In Memory of Layla

Layla was a true family dog. Fifteen and half years ago she became part of our family. She was a loving and gentle soul who enjoyed life. She went on many trips with us; camping, the beach and home for the holidays. Layla was quite the traveler! She never met a dog or human she didn't like. All she wanted was to be among us, giving her unconditional love. Layla will be truly missed and never forgotten.

Ron & Tricia Smith
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Taking time to Grieve
Losing a pet can be similar to losing a family member.
It is not an easy thing to experience and grieving is necessary. Everyone is different in their grieving process and I encourage families to allow everyone in the family to grieve differently.

Take time to grieve the special relationship you had with your pet. Some people spend more time with their pet than extended family members and friends, so treat the loss accordingly.

One suggestion is to plant a flowering perennial in honor of your pet. Every spring, when the plant blooms, you can be reminded of your loved pet.
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